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warehouse simulation - warehouse simulation software

Warehouse Simulation Software - Simcad Pro

Create a digital replica of the warehouse and optimize efficiencies, picking, replenishment, slotting and storage media. Use Simcad Pro to design a new warehouse, optimize an existing one, or plan for automation and capacity forecast. Connect Simcad Pro warehouse simulator to existing WMS systems to perform continuous analysis of picking strategies, man power requirements and wave release schedules. Moreover, Simcad Pro enables you to analyze and validate automation rollout, AGV/STV implementation, and ASRS capacity and capabilities.


Simcad Pro® Warehouse

  • Increase warehouse efficiency
  • Conveyance design and optimization
  • Capacity planning & scheduling
  • Material handling optimization and fleet sizing
  • ASRS, AGV and STV capacity planning
  • Facility layout & design
  • Distribution center network analysis
  • Automation validation and design
  • Human and automated equipment interaction

Implement a LEAN distribution warehouse using
dynamic simulation software - Simcad Pro

Optimizing overall warehouse efficiency

  • Optimize overall warehouse efficiency with on-the-fly dynamic simulation® including integrated bottleneck and constraint identification
  • Reduce labor costs. Maximize existing capital
  • Identify the most efficient layout
  • Manage warehouse and DC variability

Slotting optimization

  • Optimize proposed slotting strategy
  • Identify, analyze, and mitigate the constraints imposed by potential slotting strategies
  • Identify required labor requirements and analyze the potential benefits to existing automation technology

Schedule optimization

  • Optimize and plan for future labor requirements based on demand variability
  • Plan and identify most efficient and cost effective shipment patterns, routes, and schedules
  • Analyze and optimize picking, replenishment, put-away and receiving

Capacity planning

  • Impact on the physical facility: Expand, Change Layout, New Facility
  • Identify impact on labor requirements and equipment requirements
  • Determine Impact, feasibility and risk-benefit analysis of automation equipment

Facility layout & design

  • Identify impact of facility design on overall warehouse efficiency
  • Planning the expansion
  • Minimize travel, conveyor layout, merge optimization
  • Optimize conveyor speed and staging capacity

Connectivity and analysis

  • Identify impact of facility design on overall warehouse efficiency
  • Integrated connectivity to existing technology; WMS, RFID, RTLS, Barcode, PLC, GPS
  • Predictive analytics, real-time forecasting
  • Historical reporting and trending
  • Analysis based on actual data with variability.
  • Scenario analysis to study variability and Monte Carlo runs

On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation

on-the-fly dynamic simulation software

Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.