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Simulation Software For Services And Process Flows


Simcad Pro® - Services and Process Flows

  • Optimize Call Centers, Increase Capacity and Efficiency
  • Document Flow Efficiency Improvement and Optimization
  • Full Cycle Analysis
  • Visually Animate and Validate Inter-Process Interactions
  • Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagrams and Swim Lanes, lean analysis
  • Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Interactive, Dynamic Simulation Provides
Unmatched Ease-Of-Use.

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call center simulation
services optimization


  • Because variability is a key feature of all call centers, it needs to be taken into account when creating a model of a call center. In order to account for the variability within the call center, Simcad Pro allows users to import historical data from external data sources, as well as the ability to utilize live data to keep systems up-to-date.

  • Simcad Pro uses real information from the call center in question, the generated results are reliable and mathematically accurate. Once the model is assembled, users can begin to either import or manually input parameters such as call type, call pathways, resources, timing, capacity, etc… As the model is running, users are able to visually see where backups within the call center are occurring.

  • The ability to actually see where backups are occurring allows users to make necessary changes, view the new system and ensure that the changes do not cause problems elsewhere in the system. The “Simulation Analysis Report” provides users with a quick analysis of the model, identifying the poorly performing resources and what is causing the problem.


  • With the CAD layout imported into the model, users are able to make changes to pathways and distances to see how these changes effect the over efficiency of document flow. As changes are made, users can see the results immediately, allowing them to see if the changes have improved the flow or if additional changes and modifications need to be made.

  • Once the model is assembled, users can either import or input manually parameters such as timing, capacity, resources, etc… As Simcad Pro runs the model, users can see exactly where problems are occurring and where further analysis needs to be made. The “Simulation Analysis Report” provides users with a quick analysis of the model, identifying the poorly performing areas for resources and processes and possible changes that can be made to improve these areas.
document flow optimization
services simulation

Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.

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transaction simulation
services simulation


  • With all the different facets of a business, including numerous ones that are often unpredictable, it is imperative to make every effort to improve efficiency and productivity within the business. Simcad Pro Simulation Software is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized for many different businesses, including the banking and insurance industry, in order to improve the transaction efficiency and accuracy of the business, which in turn will improve the business as a whole.

  • Users can manipulate the model in order to come up with the best and most efficient way to handle transactions within the business. Users can change pathways and processes that transactions take in order to see how these changes affect the system overall. Users can rework flows and processes, including adding and deleting processes to find optimal scenarios. Simcad Pro Simulation Software gives users the freedom to experiment with different situations and learn their impacts and effects before spending time and money to implement them in real-life.


  • More and more process flow optimization and efficiency improvements are being applied to back office and document flow systems. Simcad Pro's dynamic capabilities can be used to model and analyze a vast array of office systems.

  • Purchasing and acquisitions play a key role in every organization. Simcad Pro analyzes the effect of purchasing delays on down stream processes, delivering a measured improvement value in both efficiency and dollar amounts.

  • Document based businesses such as insurance and financial institutions benefit from Simcad Pro's ability to quickly build process and document flow, while providing fast and efficient solution analysis. The process map embedded links enable the models to include additional documentation.

  • Poor process flow within the banking industry often results in the loss of sizable financial opportunity. Avoid the repercussions felt by many institutions, through the analysis of process inefficiencies. Optimize the “window of opportunity” required to complete a transaction by remodeling the process flow to reduce procedural delay.
six sigma analysis

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Dynamic Simulation: Features

Point and click interfaces make Simcad Pro - Services and Process Flows the most powerful "all-in-one" package to design, optimize, visualize, and analyze without coding.

On-the-Fly Dynamic Interaction

Interactive Dynamic Simulation integration - Build, Validate, Analyze.


Quick Data Collection and Dash-Boarding

Built in support for quick data collection and dash-boarding. Connectivity to external data before, during, and post simulation (EMR, Excel, other databases, RFID, etc.)


Extensive Lean Analysis

Extensive Lean analysis including dynamic value stream mapping, spaghetti diagram, and efficiency reports, and full provider support, costing, shifts, and schedule detail for any manufacturing solutions.
Lean and value stream mapping

Point and Click User Interface

  • Point and click interface, for manufacturing model flow creation


Dynamic Optimizer

  • Optimize the model while the simulation is running
  • Resource Optimizer
  • Work order, Schedule Optimizer
  • Dynamic-Interactive Optimizer


Custom Reports

  • Standardized reports
  • Customized reports
  • Scenario reports
  • Business graphics
  • Custom performance measures
customer reports in manufacturing simulation