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Automation Simulation Software

with Simcad automation simulator the user can create a model of all assembly lines, processes, resources and objects to replicate the actual factory. Using the different analysis tools built into Simcad automation simulation software, the user is able to identify possible shortcomings within the production line.


Simcad Pro® Automation

  • Analyze and Prove Out Control Logic before Roll Out
  • Identify Potential Buffering Problems, Conveyor Speeds and Equipment Interaction
  • Identify AGV/STV Optimum Path and Intersection Behavior
  • Prove Out Merge Logic, Slug Length and Priorities
  • Determine Expected PLC Logic in a Virtual Environment
  • Perform Robot Analysis & Multiple Robot Interactions
  • Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.

Automation simulation through “On-The-Fly” modifications, different scenarios can be implemented and examined before the company spends time, money and manpower. Through automation simulation software, multiple robots can be implemented and their interaction within the active conveyor system can be studied and dissected. Different scenarios, including possible downtime and mechanical failure can be put in place, in order to create the best possible plan of action.

  • Spatially aware environment for proper equipment sizing
  • Control movement Physics, speeds, acceleration / deceleration and more
  • Integrated 3D Visualization engine with detailed animations
  • Dynamic conveyors with Auto-Capacity adjustment based on items dimensions

CreateASoft’s latest release of Simcad Pro 14.1 brings the latest game-changing advancements in Dynamic Digital Twin Modeling. What is new in Simcad Pro - Interactive Dynamic Simulator 14.1 - VR/Physics and Smart Entities - Build 3225

automation simualtion

Interactive, Dynamic Simulation Provides
Unmatched Ease-Of-Use.

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Free trial download – No limitations on model size. No disabled features.

Dynamic Simulation: Features

Point and click interfaces make Simcad Pro Automation the most powerful "all-in-one" package to design, optimize, visualize, and analyze without coding.


On-the-Fly Dynamic Interaction

Interactive Dynamic Simulation integration - Build, Validate, Analyze.


Quick Data Collection and Dash-Boarding

Built in support for quick data collection and dash-boarding. Connectivity to external data before, during, and post simulation (EMR, Excel, other databases, RFID, etc.)


Extensive Lean Analysis

Extensive Lean analysis including dynamic value stream mapping, spaghetti diagram, and efficiency reports, and full provider support, costing, shifts, and schedule detail for any manufacturing solutions.

Lean and value stream mapping

Point and Click User Interface

  • Point and click interface, for manufacturing model flow creation


Dynamic Optimizer

customer reports in manufacturing simulation
  • Optimize the model while the simulation is running
  • Resource Optimizer
  • Work order, Schedule Optimizer
  • Dynamic-Interactive Optimizer


Custom Reports

  • Standardized reports
  • Customized reports
  • Scenario reports
  • Business graphics
  • Custom performance measures

I want to start working with Simcad Pro.

Free trial download – No limitations on model size. No disabled features.

Automation Line with Dynamic Simulation - Automation Technologies Industries (ATI)

Using Simcad Pro, we were able to reveal exactly how bottlenecks resolved, and demonstrate how our implementation would provide the proper throughput required by our client. The total value of this project will exceed $1.8 Million - we now have the contract and purchase order.
~ Automation Technologies Industries (ATI)

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