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manufacturing simulation - manufacturing simulation software

Manufacturing simulation - Simcad Manufacturing simulation software

Create detailed Manufacturing Simulation Models with Simcad Manufacturing Simulator including detailed production schedules, plant capacity, assembly, man-power, automation, and material handling optimization. Using the different analysis tools built into Simcad manufacturing simulation software, users are able to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the production line and devise methods and process flow changes in order to improve the operation.


Simcad Pro® Manufacturing - Benefits of Simulation in Manufacturing

  • Production Optimization
  • Identify & Reduce Bottlenecks and Constraints
  • Forecasting, Scheduling Optimization
  • Labor Allocation Optimization
  • Capacity Analysis and Growth Projection
  • LEAN Six Sigma Implementation
  • Facility Layout and Design
  • WIP Inventory Management & Reduction
  • Capacity Planning & Scheduling

The Manufacturing Simulation ROI


Using Dynamic Simulation brings operations into a virtual environment, taking away all the risk of costly experimentation. Strategic plans can be thoroughly tested and optimized before implementation. Dynamic Simulation allows the user to:

  • Obtain integrated reporting and scenario analysis.
  • Gather feedback on efficiency gains both at the machine and resource level and throughout the system.
  • Make changes to the model during a simulation run.
  • Predict how operations will be affected by: changes in demand, disruptions in supply, changes in the product mix, etc.
  • Check and set optimal schedules.
  • Receive live updates for increased productivity control.
  • Analyze possible differences in efficiency based on automation versus manual labor.
  • Establish the best path for production to increase productivity and reduce non value-added time.

By using an On-The-Fly Manufacturing simulator,

Model building time is reduced, multiple scenarios can be quickly analyzed, and optimization achieved in record time. Through Simcad manufacturing simulation software, automation is proven out, schedules adjusted and optimized, and process improvement initiatives validated.

Simcad manufacturing simulation software also enables the modeler to implement mean time between failure and repair, process change over, scrap and rework analysis and Pull systems with Kanban sizing.

Support for Lean Manufacturing Simulation

  • Line load leveling analysis
  • Schedule Optimization and Adherence
  • Analyze equipment feasibility and capacity constraints
  • Compute OEE, Efficiency, and Value Stream Maps
  • Material flow and Kanban Optimization
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Manufacturing operations can vary from very complex operations involving high mix production and immense variability to more straight forward operations such a simple assembly lines and low mix production...

Interactive on-the-fly simulators offer key advantages over traditional simulation tools in all aspects of a simulation project life cycle. Unlike traditional simulators that require constant starting and stopping of the simulation...

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