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Simulation Software

Simcad® Simulation Software simulates your current operation to detect bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and plan for improvements. Reduce Risk and Maximize Efficiency.

AI Powered Digital Twin

Digital Twin Studio® monitors, predicts, and optimizes the operation in Real-Time based on an integrated AI and Machine Learning engine.

Digital Twin & Simulation

With over 30 years of experience, our team is ready to help you tackle your digital twin and simulation initiatives, automation migration, or new design validation.


What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin model is a virtual representation of the operation with all its constraints, capabilities, and activities. The digital twin behaves like the real system, reacts to events in a similar way, and is constrained by its limitations.

Digital Twin Studio®

Digital Twin Studio® has all the constructs needed to create an actual duplicate of the live system with 99% accuracy. Digital Twin Studio® processes live and historical data to accurately predict the future state of the operation, and optimizes schedules, WIP, slotting, and more in real-time. It integrates AI and Machine Learning in order to learn from the past and optimize the future.

What are the benefits of a Digital Twin?

The digital twin is constantly monitoring the operation to provide efficiency optimization in real-time. As the live environment changes, the digital twin adapts and provides efficiency improvement recommendation.

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Seamless Transition From Simulation to Digital Twin
From Simcad Pro® to Digital Twin Studio®

Simcad Pro
  • Scalable Data-Driven Models
  • Provides simulation analysis based on data or distributions
  • Interactive environment to identify slippages, bottlenecks, and more
  • Experiment with new flows, validate automation, design new lines
Digital Twin Studio
  • Connects and loads unlimited historical and live, real-time data
  • Represents the real-time state of the operation
  • Integrates AI and Machine Learning
  • Hands-Off monitoring to identify bottlenecks, slippages, and more

Models built in Simcad Pro® are imported to Digital Twin Studio® to allow AI to analyze, learn, and optimize your environment.

What is a Dynamic Simulation?

Dynamic Simulation® provides a risk-free, interactive environment to visualize, analyze and optimize process flows. Dynamic interactive simulation analyzes the impact of improvement ideas, helps define and test automation solution, and detects flow bottlenecks and efficiency degradation. Using Dynamic Simulation, users can develop a step-by-step path to an optimal future state.

How does Dynamic Simulation work?

A dynamic simulator’s model building environment provides constructs that allow users to define the model without relying on code. Although coding may be required at some point, it is kept to a minimum in a simplified environment. Interactive Dynamic Simulators allow for model constraints to change while the simulation is running (almost game-like environment) which reduces model building, debugging, validation, and optimization time.

What are the benefits of Simcad®?

Simcad® enables users to build simulation models in days rather than months using a patented, interactive modeling environment. Model validation is performed interactively and data analysis is readily available to compare to actuals. Simcad® can be used to analyze an existing operation, design a new one, or validate automation and flow changes with minimum risk.


Simcad® Patented, Interactive 64-Bit Simulator

Model, Visualize, Analyze, and Optimize Business Processes.
Discrete Event Simulation, Continuous Flow Simulation, and Agent Based Simulation.

Features & Capabilities of Simcad Pro

Features & Capabilities of Simcad Pro®

Simcad® Simulation Software →


Build a detailed model of your facility, connect it to live and historical data, and experiment with changes to facility layout, scheduling, automation, and more. Simcad Pro® eliminates the risk of a costly trial-and-error process by showing you the effects of changes before implementation.

A data driven simulation model built with Simcad Pro® generates a replica of your operation that is 99.9% accurate. Simcad Pro® uses a dynamic 64-Bit patented engine and singular modeling interface to reduce model building time and provide faster optimization and analysis. From bottleneck detection, to congestion analysis and growth projection, Simcad Pro® is the best simulation tool to plan for the future, resolve bottlenecks, or design new operations.

  • Unlimited model size and data import (64-Bit engine)
  • No-code interface for ease of use - Minimal coding
  • Extensive module library
  • Custom data visualization with scenario and variability analysis

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