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Simcad Pro

Patented, Interactive Simulation Software To Model, Visualize, Analyze, and Optimize Business Processes in 2D, 3D and VR.
Supports: Discrete Event Simulation, Continuous Flow Simulation and Agent Based Simulation.

  • Average Model Build time 2-12 Weeks
  • Average of 10-15% Efficiency Increase
  • Complete ROI in 90 Days
  • Data Driven, Spatially aware environment

Digital Twin Studio

Data Driven Digital Twin toolset to help you Visualize, Monitor, and Optimize your operation in Real-Time using machine learning and AI. Control your Cost of SKU, Resources, Automation, Equipment and more.

  • Digital Twin Shadow with Live Tracking
  • AI Based Predictive Analytics
  • Replay Historical Events and Activities
  • Intelligent Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Enable your Digital Transformation with Digital Twin Studio

Accurate and self adaptive Models, Real-Time visibility,
Historical Replay with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

Features of Digital Twin Studio

Features of Digital Twin Studio


Digital Twin Studio integrates an extensive toolset to accelerate your digital transformation journey by generating live actionable data while dynamically optimizing your operation for current and future events.


Digital Twin Studio Connects multiple data systems, from ERP/MRP/WMS/PLC/IoT devices/... including RTLS and proprietary systems, and dynamically creates inter-entity relationships and live visualization in 2D, 3D and VR. The integrated AI engine learns the operation in real-time and performs real-time predictive analytics and optimization.


The integrated web interface of Digital Twin Studio generates web-accessible, customizable views, dashboards, real time work instructions and dynamic alerts enabling your Digital Transformation.


Real-Time Dynamic Dashboards:

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard builder with unlimited layouts
  • Real-time tracking and live view
  • Predictive Analytics and forecasting
  • Schedule adherence, monitoring and Alerts
  • Automation monitoring and optimization

Digital Twin Studio with open architecture interacts
with a multitude of live data systems:

  • RFID, Bar Code, GPS, RTLS system,
  • WMS, EMR, MRP, WCS, SAP, PLC and more!

Digital Twin Studio Features →

Real-Time Dynamic Dashboards

Real-Time Dynamic Dashboards

Application of Digital Twin - Digital Twin Studio

Application of Digital Twin Studio


Digital Twin applications:

hospital digital twin
Hospital Digital Twin
  • Visualize live data from your EMR and RTLS
  • Monitor schedules and patient flow in real-time
  • Proactive reductions in LOS & LWBS
manufacturing digital twin
Manufacturing Digital Twin
  • Visualize live data from your MRP/ERP & RTLS
  • Proactively manage production schedules, cost per unit, and WIP inventory
  • Optimize future state in real-time
warehouse digital twin
Warehouse Digital Twin
  • Visualize live data from your WMS & RTLS
  • Proactive alerts for delays and congestion
  • Optimize AGV/AMR/ASRS logic in real-time

Simcad Pro® Patented, Interactive 64-Bit Simulator

Model, Visualize, Analyze, and Optimize Business Processes.
Discrete Event Simulation, Continuous Flow Simulation and Agent Based Simulation.

Features & Capabilities of Simcad Pro

Features & Capabilities of Simcad Pro®

Simcad Pro® Simulation Software →


Build a detailed model of your facility, connect it to live and historical data, and experiment with changes to facility layout, scheduling, automation, and more. Simcad Pro® eliminates the risk of a costly trial-and-error process by showing you the effects of changes before implementation.


A data driven simulation model built with Simcad Pro generates a replica of your operation that is 99.9% accurate. Simcad Pro uses a dynamic 64-Bit patented engine and singular modeling interface to reduce model building time and provide faster optimization and analysis. From bottleneck detection, to congestion analysis and growth projection, Simcad Pro® is the best simulation tool to plan for the future, resolve bottlenecks, or design new operations.

  • Unlimited model size and data import (64-Bit engine)
  • No-code interface for ease of use - Minimal coding
  • Extensive module library
  • Custom data visualization with scenario and variability analysis

Perpetual or Subscription licensing, with modular functionality and floating licenses.

  • Simcad Pro® on-the-fly simulation - Make real-time changes to the model while the simulation is running
  • 2D, 3D, & VR with Detailed Animation using Simcad Pro's Singular Model Building Technology
  • Fully interactive VR integration provides live walk through within the model while the simulation is running
  • Real-time Dashboards, Scenario Analysis and Comparison, Dynamic Reporting and Graphs
  • Smart, Spatially Aware Agents, Sub-Flows, Collision Avoidance and Real-Time Connectivity
  • Extensive connectivity to external Databases: PLCs, SAP, and more

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Simulation & Digital Twin Consulting

Our team of Simulation Experts is available to assist.

The CreateASoft team of experts is ready to assist you in model building, analysis, and optimization. Our team can help you create accurate and effective simulation models quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you are looking for a one-time simulation project, a team of experts to work with you on a solution, a quick model turnaround, or a new model as part of your training program, our team can help.

simulation and digital twin consulting

Simulation & Digital Twin Consulting

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Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Process Excellence

  • Identifying and prioritizing improvement projects
  • Validation of proposed implementations under time constraints
  • Analysis and recommendations for future state planning
  • Facility layout and redesign
  • Real time process visibility
  • Supply chain, warehousing and distribution optimization
  • Healthcare facility validation and planning

We work on a Fixed Cost project basis, up-front pricing, and deliverables.
All projects include our 1 year maintenance guarantee.

CreateASoft Offers Training to Accommodate Multiple Skill Levels

  • Self-paced web based training
  • Access to online tutorials
  • On-site group training sessions
  • Group training sessions at CreateASoft, Inc.


Our Mission: Provide organizations with the required tools and know-how to ensure competitive advantage and sustainability in an ever-demanding world market.

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