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Simulation Modeling Support

All clients receive a complimentary modeling kick-off meeting to ensure best practices are followed and the project starts off on the right path.

Our technical specialists bring in-depth knowledge of the best practices for a successful simulation project. Complex modeling questions specific to your projects receive complimentary WebEx sessions to ensure not only proper resolution of the request, but comprehensive understanding for your team.

Examples and Tutorials are provided with active maintenance agreements. Reference videos and tutorials are available online 24/7 so even third shift workers can get same easy access to watch, pause and re-create.

Any and all modeling questions are supported in-house. There is no additional cost and we offer several easy ways to contact us including email, phone, and an easy online support ticket system.

We offer process templates as well as a 2D and 3D image library and our easy image uploading system makes customization of your models compatible with most common graphics programs and file extensions.

Free iAnimate3D® software to ensure your models have the visual impact needed for model demonstrations.

Free SimData® software designed to allow users to effectively perform time studies and data analysis.

Enterprise Support

Dedicated modeling support and issue tracking for your company to ensure multiple facility managers are up to date on project changes.

With our custom knowledge base for your organization on our forum which only your team has access to, project coordination is simple no matter where their location is.

Server based soft licenses and license checkouts are available to suit your company needs and security requirements.

Shared libraries are built in to the software so all team members can share modules and library objects.

Simulation Consulting

CreateASoft’s expert technical specialists can save time and bring your facility ROI quickly by creating accurate and effective simulations for your team. We are able to complete one-time simulation projects for a quick turnaround time model or even create a new model as part of your training program.

  • Digital Twin Studio® and smaRTLs® implementation of real-time operational analysis
  • Extensive experience in simulation modeling ranging from detailed automation logic, sequencing, and indexing optimization to work cell design and restaurant layout analysis
  • Warehousing design and optimization from cubing, trailer loading, pick sequencing to indexing optimization
  • Logistics and Supply Chain optimization of delivery routes, Optimal DC locations, transportation cost reduction, determine impact on system based supply and demand variability
  • Lab, ER, ED and blood center optimization
  • Production scheduling and line balancing
  • Food and beverage CIP optimization and line scheduling
  • Training on the model and deliverable with details on how to utilize the model moving forward for additional scenario analysis.
  • Models are supported for a 12-month period following project acceptance


Our Product Support Policy has been updated effective January 1, 2014.

This policy defines our software support guidelines for all software products developed by CreateASoft.

If you are currently having an active maintenance agreement, you can contact CreateASoft via phone, email, and web during all product technical support stages. Extended support options may be available for some products for an additional annual support cost.

For current support status and product information, refer to the software support forum for detailed tracking.

Our support hours are from 8:30AM CST to 5:00PM CST Monday through Friday. International and Weekend support hours are provided on a pre-scheduled time basis.

A support reply should be expected no later than 24 hours from time we receive the request. Support may follow up with a web conference in order to identify and correct the reported issue.


Our Mission: Provide organizations with the required tools and know-how to ensure competitive advantage and sustainability in an ever-demanding world market.

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