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Partners and Distributors

  • USA: LeanForma Consulting

    Lean and Six Sigma Consulting Services

    Providing industry and healthcare clients with Lean-Six Sigma consulting services and coaching with a proven track record of transforming complex organizations.

    943 Ocean Ave   •   New London, CT 06320   •   Phone: (860) 287-8139

  • USA: Right Brain - Left Brain, LLC.

    Healthcare Services - Orthopedic Service Line Optimization, Lean/Six Sigma Certification, Office /Clinic Optimization

    Right Brain Left Brain is a healthcare service provider focused on optimizing orthopaedic service lines and physician offices.

    2220 CR 210 West, Suite 108-211   •   Jacksonville, FL 32259   •   Phone: (904) 302-2939   •   http://www.rightbrain-leftbrain.net/

  • USA: Envision the Possible

    Process Improvement Services

    Deliver Process and Cultural change for you to Envision the Possible and help you accelerate improvements using proven tools and methods. We make the Possible a Reality.

    Howard Mikytuck - Envision the Possible - Principal   •   Howard@envision-the-possible.com   •   Phone: (804) 441-3758

  • Australia: A TURN KEY SOLUTION

    Supply Chain & Logistics Consultants

    focused on process improvement and optimisation for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing companies. Our goal is to reshape supply chain and logistics operations by implementing best practice integrated solutions.

    Suite 8/60 Box Road, Taren Point 2229 NSW   •   www.supplychainsolution.com.au   •   sales@supplychainsolution.com.au

  • South Africa: Alpha Concepts

    Industrial Engineering Company

    focused on systemic decision making, project management, manufacturing, business process management, supply chain management, IT,
    service management, quality systems, compliance and accreditation.

    PO Box 604 Bruma 2026   •   Johannesburg   •   South Africa

  • Czech Republic: Milan Moudry

    Independent Consulting Services

    Květná 2360/26   •   697 01 Kyjov   •   Czech Republic   •   Tel. +420 724462629   •   milan.moudry@email.cz   •   No company website

  • SWITZERLAND: processdesign.ch

    ZL Management & Processdesign AG

    Production and material flow analysis, Process optimization, Logistic simulation in industry and healthcare

    In der Au 5   •   8406 Winterthur   •   0041 52 260 56 91   •   http://www.processdesign.ch



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