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Features | Simcad Pro Simulation Software


Simcad Pro is an on-the-fly, interactive simulation software that leverages a patented simulation modeling environment. Simcad Pro enables you to model, simulate and optimize all aspects of the operation in a highly visual 2D, 3D, and VR setting. Simcad Pro integrates with live and historical data to provide the most effective and interactive simulation system on the market today. Applications in multiple industries including manufacturing, automation, logistics, distribution warehouse, food and beverage, services, and more.


What are our unique approach to business support?

  • Fully 64-bit multi-threaded engine with improved speed - Unlimited model size, Unlimited Data.
  • Fully functional Physics engine for more detailed material movement analysis and design.
  • Patented, interactive Simulation engine enabling on-the-fly optimization and model interaction.
  • Singular model building technology for fast model turn-around time.
  • Extensive integrated analysis toolset with Lean metrics and Value Stream Maps.
  • 2D and 3D visualization with interactive VR (Virtual Reality) experience.
  • Extensive connectivity to external Databases, PLCs, SAP, and more.

What are the key features of Simcad Pro?
3D VR & visual interactive simulation with Simcad Pro -

  • Extensive built-in and customizable modeling components.
  • Interactive modeling during the simulation run.
  • Data driven dynamic model updates.
  • Model views and display layers.
  • Model data input.
  • Built-in and customizable reports and graphs.
  • Monte-Carlo simulation with multiple scenario analysis.
  • Dynamic optimizers.
  • Simulation control.
  • Dynamic value stream map.
  • Lean reports and analysis.

features of Simcad Pro

Features of Simcad Simulation Software

Point and click interfaces make Simcad Pro the most powerful "all-in-one" package to design, optimize, visualize, and analyze without coding.


On-the-Fly Dynamic Interaction

Interactive Dynamic Simulation integration - Build, Validate, Analyze.


Quick Data Collection and Dash-Boarding

Built in support for quick data collection and dash-boarding. Connectivity to external data before, during, and post simulation (EMR, Excel, other databases, RFID, etc.)


Extensive Lean Analysis

Extensive Lean analysis including dynamic value stream mapping, spaghetti diagram, and efficiency reports, and detailed resource support, costing, shifts, and schedule detail for any process based industry.

Lean and value stream mapping

Point and Click User Interface

  • Point and click interface, for simulation model flow creation.


Dynamic Optimizer

Scenario Analysis and Scheduling with Simulation
  • Optimize the model while the simulation is running

  • Resource Optimizer

  • Work order, Schedule Optimizer

  • Dynamic-Interactive Optimizer


Custom Reports

  • Standardized reports

  • Customized reports

  • Scenario analysis reports

  • Business graphics

  • Custom performance measures

How much does a virtual reality simulator cost?
2D and 3D visualization with interactive VR (Virtual Reality) experience!


Simcad Pro Simulation Software with VR Simcad Pro supports the Oculus@ VR glasses with animated 3D view of the flow. The new Simcad Pro release allows for model changes to be dynamically applied to the VR world, results and stats from the model update in real-time. The VR view is dynamically generated based on model progress, with live changes and analysis.
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