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Simcad Pro Health - Simulation Benefits in Healthcare

Healthcare Optimization

  • Reduction in left-without-being-seen.
  • Reduction in transfer denials.
  • Increased operational quality and capacity.
  • Reduction in hospital expenditures.
  • Analyze the impact of inter-department communication delays.
  • Optimize bed allocation and transfer strategies.

Layout and Patient Flow

  • Reduce non-value added delays due to transfer availability, elevator constraints, and room location with an optimized facility layout.
  • Analyze and minimize distances traveled by patients and providers.
  • Improve room layout for maximum efficiency.
  • Optimize the location of shared and mobile equipment, supplies, and work stations.
Simulation Benefits
Simcad Pro Health Simulation Benefits




Scheduling and Staffing

  • Schedule providers based on department variability.
  • Improve OR scheduling.
  • Analyze and improve clinics, labs, schedules and ontime performance.
  • Identify the impact of provider availability and schedules on overall efficiency.

Capacity Analysis

  • Determine current capacity constraints.
  • Identify future state capacity requirements and required improvements.
  • Improve bed turnover time.
  • Identify optimal bed allocation strategy for maximum capacity.
  • Analyze and eliminate room cleaning delays.

Internal Supply Chain

  • Analyze the impact of med delivery to departments.
  • Identify optimum location and number of department store rooms.
  • Improve the impact of automated med replenishment.
  • Improve the layout and design of the main store room.
  • Optimize shared mobile equipment storage and allocation.


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