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Robot Simulation

Simcad Pro’s robot simulation uses digital representation and dynamic interaction with robot models to virtually design automated production systems. Users can create models of all assembly lines, processes, resources, and objects to replicate actual factories using gantry robots, pick and place robots, SCARA robots, spider robots, and multi-axis robots, while identifying possible defects in the production line using built-in analysis tools.

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Robot Simulation with Patented On-The-Fly Modeling


Experiment with different scenarios, identify proper robot placement, and determine the proper sequencing of the robots using Simcad Pro® Robotics simulation. Robot behavior and positioning can be changed in real-time while the simulation is running. Moreover, Simcad Pro® robotics simulation allows you to properly design robot interaction with other automation equipment and components with the operation. 

  • Spatially aware environment for proper equipment sizing
  • Control movement Physics, speeds, acceleration/deceleration
  • Integrated 3D visualization engine with detailed animations
  • Dynamic conveyor capable of automatically adjusting capacity based on item dimensions

Supported Simulation Modeling and Optimization

  • Data Driven Simulation Modeling
  • Continuous Flow Simulation
  • Discrete Event Modeling
  • Smart Agent Modeling
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Neural Network Optimization
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Dynamic Interactive Optimization



Industrial Robotic Applications - Integrated Robot Types

Detailed motion analysis and control with Simcad Pro®

 Standard 3 and 4 Axis Robot

 Fixed Gantry Robot

 Track Gantry Robot

 Scara Robot

 Spider Robot

 Single Arm Robot

 Top Mounted Robot

 Crane Robot

 Pick and Place Robots


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