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Simcad Pro® Simulation Modeling Advantages


Why Use Simcad Pro® Simulation Modeling Software?

Simcad Pro®, offers an intuitive and interactive 2D/3D simulation modeling environment to improve, optimize and visualize process flow systems. Simcad Pro® enables You to plan, optimize, and re-arrange processes and procedures while optimizing layouts, facility improvement, automation and schedules.



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Simcad Pro® Simulation Modeling Advantages

Animation Capability:

Simcad Pro® model development may be done in either 2D or 3D space. Simcad Pro® dynamically creates the other views in the background. Changes to one view affect all others, while analysis can be done in any view without impacting the model results. Moreover, Value Stream Maps are automatically created from the developed model, and update based on the system constraints.

Attributes and Model Parameters:

With Simcad Pro® attributes and global variables or custom parameters can be assigned to any entity in the model. The defined parameters can then be used to control all aspects of the simulation environment either through the graphical interface or through defined code extensions.

CAD Interface:

Simcad Pro® can load multiple CAD files as DXF or DWG. The loaded CAD files provide spatial configuration to the model and is used to compute distances between entities, travel distances of objects and resources, and overall system congestion in the aisles. Congestion analysis and travel constraints are directly incorporated in the model analysis.

Customized Reports:

In addition to the extensive integrated analysis Simcad Pro® supports custom reports tailored to the specifics requirements of the model. All reports are available during, at the end, and well after the run is completed.

Custom Performance Measures:

Simcad Pro® can capture custom performance measures and make them available for reporting or through on-screen gauges/graphs. Resource utilization, category-wise resource/time spending etc are all included metrics that Simcad Pro® provides automatically.

Ease of Model Development:

On-The-Fly simulation allows the modeler to modify and develop the simulation while the engine is running. The modeler can visually validate the changes during the model development cycle, cutting development time by more than 50%.

Exporting Model Data:

Simcad Pro® exports data to CSV, pdf, and through direct ADO connectivity. Simcad Pro® is able to auto-create and export analysis data during the simulation run to the supported external data stores.

External Interfaces:

Simcad Pro® has built in REST API interface to import data sets through web calls. Data returned in JSON format is auto parsed and inserted into the internal data tables. Simcad Pro® also interfaces to Kepware systems in order to communicate with live PLC systems.

Importing Model Data:

Simcad Pro® supports multiple types of data connectivity including Excel Interfaces, CSV file loading, and direct ADO interfaces. Simcad Pro® does not limit the amount of data that can be imported or accessed by the model. Multiple data sources may also connect to the model in real-time and accessed during the simulation run. Simcad Pro® interfaces to most EMR, ERP, SAP, WMS, WES, WCS systems in use today.

Independent Simulation Replications:

Simcad Pro® includes fully integrated Monte Carlo simulation capability as well as model scenario analysis

Input Data Analysis Capability:

Importing Data into Simcad Pro® will be analyzed and presented through graphs and reports that data can then be applied directly to the model as-is or as the analyzed distributions.

Interactive Run Controller:

Simcad Pro® Dynamic Simulation software is the only interactive modeling environment allowing the simulation model to be updated and changed during the simulation run. The user can interact with the simulation model during the run. modify constraints, add processes, change routings, and add pathways. All model constraints can be modified during the run.

Maximum Model Size:

Simcad Pro® has no limit to the model size. This is inherent from the 64bit environment enabling full implementation of large models and digital twin modeling.

Model Execution Speed:

Simcad Pro® is a 64bit application (both the engine and interface), and supports multithreading to enable faster simulation runs. Simcad Pro® has no data or model size limits, and will utilize all the processor cores that it is allowed to use.

Random Variable Generator:

Simcad Pro® has a built in curve fitting and random variable generator. The curve fitting system can data fit the imported data set based on a 10th degree polynomial, hence providing the most accurate data fitting algorithm available in a simulation tool. Moreover, models can request the data fitting to be recomputed at any point prior or during the simulation run.

Run-Only Version:

Simcad Pro® does include a run-only version as well as a movie capture feature. the Run Time version is provided with and without analysis capability. The Simcad Pro® viewer provide a simple interface to run the model in a controlled environment. The Simcad Pro® viewer w/Analysis allows the user to modify key constraints and import additional data set into the model before each run.

Run-Time Flexibility:

Simcad Pro® On-The-Fly simulation allows full model interaction and build out while the simulation is running. Multiple simulations may be run at the same time using the same roaming license. Simcad Pro® can also be controlled through a command line interface with parameters defining the simulation parameters.

Standardized Reports:

Simcad Pro® contains extensive integrated analysis. Reporting is provided in gauges, graphs, spreadsheets, scenario analysis, routing analysis, spaghetti diagrams, heat maps, and value stream maps. All data is reported for every process, object, resource and for the overall model. Every data point is preserved for future analysis. No coding is required to access the data. All reports are available during, at the end, and well after the run is completed.

Syntax and Coding Interfaces

Models created through the Simcad Pro® GUI do not generate code as the constraints are directly passed to the simulation engine. This eliminates the need for visually inspecting syntax as there is no code to inspect. Moreover, Simcad Pro®'s extension builder is setup to minimize syntax errors generated by adding code customization to the model.


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