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On-the-fly interactive dynamic simulation
on-the-fly dynamic simulation software



Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time with On-The-Fly Interactive Dynamic Simulation.



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Singular Model Creation
Singular Model
Model Building Technology
Model Building Technology
Lean Integration & Custom Reports
Lean Integration & Custom Reports
Animation & Visualization
Animation & Visualization
Real-Time Data Connectivity
Real-Time Data Connectivity
Additional Components
Additional Components



Multiple model outputs and animated visuals
generated with Singular Model Building Technology.



dynamic simulation software

Reduce model building time, work efficiently, and eliminate coding
with Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Process Simulation Software.



Interactive, Dynamic Simulation Provides
Unmatched Ease-Of-Use





Extensive, integrated functionality to model the most
complex operations.


Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator Features

Modeling Components

  • Point and click interface, for model flow creation
  • Graphically define model constraints and advanced behavior
  • Library-based customization icons supporting multiple 2D, 3D file formats
  • Real time visualization in 2D and 3D with animated 3D components
  • Automatic creation of animated flow
  • Full support for material handling equipment and carriers
  • Full support for accumulating and material movement conveyors with part spacing, multiple lanes, merging logic, and dynamic conveyor capacity
  • Unlimited nesting of flow layers and elevations
  • Wizard based data import, data export prior, during, and after the simulation run through patented, on-the-fly data connectivity
  • Templates, libraries and module definition for faster model creation and component sharing
  • Generate model packages for view only analysis and model sharing
  • Man-power definition, shifts, sharing, and schedules
  • Extensive assembly/dis-assembly definition with multiple containment layers
  • Change over, failure, maintenance, availability, and OEE
  • Automation capabilities include AGV’s, AS/RS, Robots, and other automated equipment
  • New patented 64 bit multi-core simulation engine utilizes the most advanced hardware technology
  • “On-the-fly” changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run
Warehouse and ASRS Simulation Software

Interactive Modeling During The Simulation Run


  • Add, modify, and remove constraints and definitions
  • Modify model flows, speeds and capacities
  • Add and modify processes and inter-process connections
  • Pause/Resume/Load/Unload individual processes
  • Control animation speed and display options
  • Live data connectivity from external applications with dynamic updates (Import and Export)
  • Add and modify custom KPI dashboards
  • Analyze the model flow with live resource, process, and object monitoring
High Mix Manufacturing Simulation

Data Driven Dynamic Model updates


All model components and constraints can be modified based on external data input while the simulation is running. Constraints can be changed based on timing or model conditions.
  • Add, remove, or modify processes and connections
  • Modify assembly component definition (per assembly component)
  • Change rates, yields, capacities, timings, change-over, and other constraints
  • Use actual data to increase model accuracy, support seasonality transition analysis, improve validation, and increase model flexibility
Simulation Scheduling and Analysis

Model Views & Display Layers


Simulation Scheduling and Analysis

Model Data Input


  • Initial state loading; Input or model state capture
  • Work order, sequences and schedule definition
  • Dynamic object definition and containment loading
  • Model data input for individual processes
  • Other constraints (inventory, locations, ... )
  • SimData interface with Data fitting and dynamic model creation
  • Define, assign, and import custom object attributes
Scenario Analysis and Scheduling with Simulation

Built in Reports and Graphs


  • Detailed summary of every model component and constraint
  • Simulation reports detail key performance indicators (lead time, cycle time, hands on time, resource touches, travel distances, custom values, and more) as an average or variably through time
  • Interval analysis graphs and reporting
  • Detailed object, man-power, process, and connection reports
  • Gantt chart provides detailed schedules for processes, objects, and resources
  • Simulation analysis reports provide bottleneck and constraint identification along with the contributing factors
  • Customization reporting and graphing tool for standard and user defined properties
  • Dynamic data export to external applications during and after the simulation run
  • Full object trace-ability with time stamped reporting
  • Custom report builder; define and reuse generated reports across models
  • Read More on Custom Reports
Scenario Analysis and Scheduling with Simulation

Scenario Analysis


  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability, interval analysis, variability and case analysis
  • Integrated forecasting engine with multiple value relationship forecasting
  • Manage multiple scenarios
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Define the road map and prioritize improvements
  • Generate data distributions for all tracked parameters
  • Read More on Scenario Analysis
Simulation Optimization



  • Work schedule and sequence Optimizer to minimize lead time, reduce change over, and improve on-target delivery
  • Interactive optimizer - dynamically create optimization constraints and interact with the model using intuitive on screen dashboards
  • Predictive optimizer
  • Define weighted input constraints from any model parameter
  • Define and prioritize output parameters
  • Apply optimized results to the model
Interactive Simulation Software

Simulation Control


  • Pause, accelerate, or decelerate the simulation on the fly and at different user controlled intervals
  • Define simulation run duration
  • Simulation data-reset eliminates the effect of “warmup” time
  • Model timers and events
  • Pause/Resume individual processes
  • Automated scenario control generation
Dynamic Value Stream map

The Dynamic Value Stream Map


  • Display the Value Stream Map in the traditional format, or place it on top of a CAD layout
  • Dynamically compute all required parameters including lead time, efficiency, value added time, waste time, etc on the map
  • Updates to the Model constraints are dynamically transferred to the Value Stream Map and analysis
  • For high mix operations, enable the Value Network Map to display product specific results and the impact of product mix
  • The VSM can be displayed along with the object or resource flow spaghetti diagram
  • Compare the computed parameters to current state values
  • Auto-compute target takt time
  • Print and export the generated value stream map
  • Read More on Value Stream Map
Dynamic Value Stream map with Simulation Software

Lean Reports and Analysis


Simcad Pro® also provides an extensive list of reporting and analysis tools to further improve the lean analysis environment:
  • Product sorting and grouping for high mix operations
  • Detailed routing analysis for every object flowing through the system
  • Efficiency, OEE, and availability reports
  • Part based efficiency and its effect on the overall model
  • Cycle time breakdown showing non value added time and schedules in a spreadsheet and Gantt chart format
  • Effects of transition and product movement on the flow
  • Work schedule generation with detailed lean analysis
  • Time Stamped object and process based schedule generation
Dynamic Value Stream map with Simulation Software

Simcad Viewer® / Viewer Pro


Simulate, Analyze, Collaborate

The Simcad Viewer® allows users to share models and collaborate on projects without the need for a development license. The viewer has a simplified interface to quickly open and run simulation models developed with Simcad Pro®. In addition to running the models, Simcad Viewer® enables users to modify predetermined model constraints.

The Simcad Viewer is a Read Only model loading and simulation tools that enables users to:
  • Load simulation models built with Simcad Pro
  • Run the simulation
  • Animate the simulation in 2D or 3D
  • Display on-screen dashboards based on model definition
  • Interactive simulation - User can directly interact with the simulation model while running (Constructs need to be enabled in the model)
Simulation Collaboration Software