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Building an Advanced Clinic Model - Tutorial Part 3

Advanced Clinic Model

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Monday, April 25, 2016/Categories: Advanced Clinic Model

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Here we will define the different types of patients that will flow through the model. Each of the patient types takes a different amount of time to process. This will allow us to simulate the clinic having to deal with more than one type of patient. We will also work with the timing of the simulation to ensure that the patients flow correctly through the clinic.

  • Select Procedure Room1 and 2 (by holding down Ctrl and clicking) and open their properties. Click Process Timing Properties and change time units to minutes. Fill out the table as shown:
  • Make sure Apply Timing to All Selected Processes is checked,since we have two processes selected that we are changing.
  • Before closing the window, click Process Capacity and Buffers. Change the Queue/Buffer Capacity to 0. Accept the changes.
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Link to Healthcare Advanced Clinic Model - PART3(PDF)


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