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Controlling Entry Point to a Process (Or Area) Using Events

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, May 27, 2014/Categories: Advanced Modeling and Connectivity

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  • This example shows how to ensure that a single bin is released to a loading area using events. The assembly process will place items in the bin, and then releases the bin to the next destination. In the case where the bin is limited, and a certain time is required for the bin to be released and start the assembly, it may be necessary to control when the bin is released into the assembly process.
  • Create a Generic Process called “Bin Buffer”
  • Connect the model as shown.
  • Double-click the Ship Process
    • Select Process/Object/Condition Routing.
      • Set Default Object’s routing to “Bin Buffer.”
      • Set Default Routing to “To Deck.”
  • Open the “Additional Properties Definition.”
    • Create a parameter called “Example1”
    • Copy its details as shown.
  • Using events, a controlled release event is setup on the buffer process that will force the buffer to hold on to the bin until an event is triggered.
  • Add a new event trigger for Example1 and copy the following definition.


When the object is completed from the assembly, an event is triggered indicating that the process is now ready for a new bin.



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