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Warehouse Using Random Pick Simulation

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, October 28, 2016/Categories: Advanced Modeling and Connectivity

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Warehouse Racks and Aisles Pt 1

  • Create a Start and End process
  • Create two processes –
    • Rack Module 1
    • Rack Module 2
  • Select Rack Module 1 –
    • Change the timing
    • Capacity
    • Display settings
      • In Display Settings 2D/3D
        • Change the 3D Process Image
        • Size of the process
        • Rotation of the process - this may take some adjusting
  • Select Rack Module 2 –
    • Change the timing
    • Capacity
    • Display settings
      • In Display Settings 2D/3D
        • Change the 3D Process image
        • Size of the process
        • Rotation, this may take some adjusting
  • Select both Modules –
    • Process Extension/Event Handling
      • Select Object:NextProcessDefined
        • Insert and Expression, Edit
          • Select NextProcessToStart and type 'End'
  • Select each Rack Module
    • Convert each to a Base Module
  • Select Auto-Create Processes –
    • Drag the area
    • Change number and direction of processes to the desired
    • Apply properties from a module
    • Check side-by-side to make the processes up against one another
    • Then choose the value to be displayed for the label
  • Repeat this process as many times as desired
  • To Auto-Create Paths –
    • First select the processes to create paths between
    • Change Path Type to Create
    • Path Direction
    • Connector Location
    • Process Path, this will be based on the processes you selected
  • Finish the connections between all needed processes
  • Select the Start process
    • Change the Routing Properties to Least Busy/Randomized Routing –
      • Evenly distribute work among processes, make sure Connector and End are checked for ignore.
  • Go to Flow Properties
    • General Properties
      • Change the Search Depth to a number greater than the number of processes you have, this ensures that all processes are seen by the routing.
  • Run the Simulation
  • Go to View - 3D View to switch and see the aisle and racks



Warehouse Racks and Aisles Pt 2

  • In order to edit the modules that were created for the racks navigate to Model Build
    • Select Smart Module, then hit refresh list to update the module list.
    • Select Edit to make adjustments to the modules, this will automatically update all processes that were setup using the module.
    • Since Rack Module 1 and Rack Module 2 were converted into Base Modules, they are no longer useful and can be deleted.
  • By viewing the Item Properties of a process and extending the window you can see if a process is based on a module and which if so which module.
  • Let's make some changes to Rack Module 1
    • Change the timing, loading and unloading
    • As well as the queue and process capacity
  • Now select any process based on Rack Module 1 and notice how the changes have been made.
  • Select Resource and Shifts
    • Add a new resource called Forklift and add 2 of them
  • Select all of the lines between the racks and add Resource Constraints –
    • Enable Override and Hold Resources
    • Check apply to all as well
  • Run the simulation
  • Stop the simulation
    • Add more resources
  • Run the simulation



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