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Object Assembly and Disassembly Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Assembly and DisAssembly

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  • In the “Object Definition and Containment” interface, create 2 objects "Boxes" and "Truck." Select the "display object value" box.
  • Click on the Truck object and select object components.
  • Add Boxes to the definition of the truck, define 6 boxes per truck. Do not check any other option in the component definition.
  • Create a Start process that creates trucks. In the Object creation rules, check the “Stop after…” box, and define 2 in the number section. The start process will create only 2 trucks.
  • Create a Start process that creates boxes.
  • Create a generic process called Load truck, Open its buffers/capacity settings (Row 2) interface. Click on Define Q limits.
  • Add Truck and Boxes to the Q Limits section, and then set the count of 2 for trucks, and 3 for boxes. That separates the queue into different capacity segments.
  • In the advanced settings, open the Assembly/Disassembly interface. Click on "Enable object assembly" and select the "Assemble" column for truck to indicate that the truck will be assembled.
  • Create a Generic process called Unload Truck and set its Assembly/Disassembly settings to split the grouped object, and split after processing. Do not delete the container as the truck will be reused for another load.
  • Create an End process called End Boxes.
  • Create the flow;
  • Start (Trucks) to load truck
  • Start (Boxes) to load truck
  • Load truck to unload truck
  • Unload truck to load truck
  • Unload truck to end boxes
  • Edit the properties of the Unload truck and select object routing from the process routing settings.
  • Edit the routing, and set the object based routing option where;
  • Boxes go to the End boxes process
  • Truck go to the Load truck process
  • Run the simulation, 2 trucks are loaded in the Load truck process, then unloaded in the unload truck before they cycle again to the loading area.

Link to Object Assembly and Disassembly (PDF)



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