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Object Assembly In Process Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Assembly and DisAssembly

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  • Start by going into Objects and Containment and creating three new objects:
    • Part1
    • Part2
    • Part Container
    • Click Components for 'Part Container'
      • Add both 'Part1' and 'Part2'
      • Set the Min/Max for 'Part1' to 3/3
      • Leave 'Part2' at 1/1
    • Let’s change the color of each of the new objects to make identifying them easier, go into Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control and give each object a new color
    • Lastly check Display Object Value, this will show the name of the object during simulation
  • Start building the model by using the Start Process tool
    • Create 'Start Part1'
      • Go into Define Object Creation Rules
        • Set Object type to Create to 'Part1'
    • Repeat these steps for 'Part2'
    • Next use the Generic Process tool
      • Create 'Assemble Container'
        • Click Customize and go into Process Assembly/Disassembly
          • Check Enable object assembly
          • Find 'Part Container' from the drop down list and Add Object Definition
          • Here we will check both Assemble and Create Object
    • Now use the End Process tool
      • Create 'End' and connect the model as shown
    • Now select both lines leading into 'Assemble Container'
      • Right click and go into Item Properties
        • Click Customize and go into Behavior: Conveyor, Polling, and Carriers
          • Check the following:
            • Block if next destination is busy
            • Ignore Active Objects at Destination
            • Allow Objects Based on Assembly
    • Switch to the Simulation tab at the top and click Start
    • Notice how only the objects needed for 'Part Container' are sent to 'Assemble Container', no matter the order only the parts needed will be released to that process



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