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Object Disassembly Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Assembly and DisAssembly

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  • In the "Object definition and containment" interface, create 2 objects "Boxes" and "Truck". Select the "display object value" box.
  • Click on the Truck object and select "Object Components."
  • Add Boxes to the definition of the truck, define 6 boxes per truck. Make sure to select the "Create Object Component when the object is created" in order to create a loaded truck.
  • Create a Start process called "Start (Truck)". Click on "Define object creation rules" and "Create Single Object Type." The object type to create is a truck.
  • Create a generic process called “Unload truck”.
  • In the Unload Truck properties, expand the advanced settings and open the Assembly/Disassembly interface. Select Split Grouped objects, split before processing, and delete container. The action would split the truck into boxes and deletes the truck.
  • Run the simulation, trucks are unloaded at the Unload process and only boxes make their way to the End Process.

Link to Object Disassembly (PDF)



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