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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Basic Model Statistics Simulation

Under “Object Definition and Containment” Create two New Objects called “Part 1” and “Part 2”. Create a Start Process Select “Define Object Creation Rules”. Select “Create Objects Based on Distribution”. Under Object Type Select Part 1 and change the percentage to 40" Select Part 2 and change the percentage to 60 Create a Generic Process “Process 1” Select Process Timing Properties Change the Cycle (Min) to 5 and the Cycle (Max) to 8. Read more

Process Timing Simulation

Go into Objects and Containment Create two new objects - 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' Check Display Object Value Create a Start Process, 'Start', a Generic Process, 'Process', and an End Process, 'End'. Use the Interprocess Connection tool to connect the model from 'Start' to 'Process' to 'End' Next select 'Start' Go into Define Object Creation Rules Switch to Create Objects Based on Distribution Set the Distribution Percentages - Part 1 - 50% - Part 2 - 50% Read more

Assigning Images to Processes Simulation

  • Create a Start Process
    • Select “Display Settings 2D/3D”
      • Uncheck the box entitled “Use Default Process Image”
      • Click on “Browse” to select your image
  • The image can be resized using the “Selection Tool” to drag the red squares.
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Assigning Images to Objects Simulation

Start by clicking on “Objects and Containment” Create a new object called “Part 1” Uncheck the “Default” box Select the new box to the right to choose your image Create a Start Process Select “Define Object Creation Rules”   Under “Object type to Create”, select Part 1 Create an End Process Use an Interposes Connection to connect the Start and End Processes. Run the simulation. You should notice the object created by the Start Process is the same as the image you selected. Read more

Basic Connection Line Manipulation

  • Start by creating 2 processes, a start and an end process.
  • Select the connection line tool and begin at the start process. Instead of dropping the line on the end process, however, drop it on the canvas. This creates an anchor point. Repeat the process for 3 more anchor points and then drop the final one on the End process.
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