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Create A Basic Model Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, May 22, 2014/Categories: Basic Simulation Modeling

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This tutorial will help you create a simple process flow containing a start process, generic process and an end process using the default object type.

  • From the toolbar, select the “Start” process icon by clicking on it.
  • Position the mouse cursor on the location where the process is to be added, and left click. The process properties interface is displayed.
  • In the process name, type “Start”. Then click "Ok." That operation creates a start process which creates objects in the model.
  • From the toolbar, click on the generic process icon, move the mouse cursor to the location to add the process and left click the mouse. The generic process properties are displayed. Type “Process 1” in the name field then click "Ok."
  • From the toolbar, select the "End" process icon and add the end process to the canvas. Call the process "End."
  • Connection lines are used to connect the processes and define the flow. From the toolbar, select the connection line icon, the cursor would change to indicate that it is in the connection creation mode. Position the circle part of the cursor on the start process then left click and drag the mouse to Process1. Release the mouse button when the circle is positioned in the middle of process1. Select "Ok" for the connection line properties.
  • Create another connection from Process1 to End.
  • Run the simulation, the default object (Blue Box) traverses the lines from start to process1 then to end.


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