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Building a Cannon Factory Model - Tutorial Part 1

Canon Factory Model

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, May 11, 2017/Categories: Building a Cannon Factory

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  • This will start the Cannon Factory Model by building the segment that handles the Wheels of the cannon.
  • First go into Objects and Containment:
    • Create a new object type:
      • 'Wheel'
  • Next go into Resources and Shifts:
    • Create a new resource:
      • 'WheelBalancers'
      • Set Available Number – 2
      • Click Add
  • Create a new Start Process:
    • 'ReceiveWheelOrder':
      • Go into Define Object Creation Rules:
        • Change Object type to Create:
          • 'Wheel'

Link to Cannon Factory Training Model Description (PDF)

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