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Split Conveyor with Polling

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Monday, March 6, 2017/Categories: Conveyors and Object Movement

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This tutorial covers the use of polling throughout multiple conveyors within a model.

  • Split the conveyors into four different paths from a single Start Process
  • Add in multiple processes on the conveyors to force a stop in movement on the line
  • Place connectors prior to each process and enable polling on the conveyor leading into the process, this will keep the line full while only allowing one object into the process
  • Have one of the lanes join back into another mid lane, forcing an intersection behavior
  • Create a group of connectors/processes to act as the beginning and end or each lane within the intersection, set polling rules accordingly
  • Finally to add some randomness to the model apply a Least Busy Routing set up to the splits for each lane, then change the speed at which each lane travels



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