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Building an ED Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 6

Results Processes are placed in a model to actively track many different objects, utilizations and times. We will be adding Results Processes to keep track of room utilizations and resource utilizations, as well as how many of each type patient is being completed as well as the length of stay for each type of patient.

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Building an ED Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 5

There are some addition features that could be added to the model to make it more closely resemble your facility. For instance in this model we will add an ambulance entrance for a percentage of the high acuity patients, room cleanings for each room after the patient has left, and also making sure that admitted patients are sent to a different location and tracked differently than regular walk-in, walk-out patients.

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Building an ED Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 3

In this video we set up the exam room to send patients to a Sub-Flow based on acuity, as well as creating a Module of the exam room to base all other rooms off of. It’s at this point that the layout is brought into the model and all of the rooms are placed “within” the layout. This includes using one of the new features of Simcad 11.5, Auto-Create Features; however it’s just as possible to create this layout without using these features, they are meant to speed up the process of creating multiple processes that are to be based on the same Module.

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Building an ED Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 2

Now that the Departments are built it’s time to start building the facility. This video starts off by showing how most of the patients will be entering the facility as well as how to set up each room to use a Department (Sub-Flow in this case) based on Object Type. As well as creating Resources and setting up the model to use them correctly.

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