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Process Setup and Change Over

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, August 2, 2016/Categories: Object Routing

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  • First go into Objects and Containment
    • Create two new objects: 'Part1' and 'Part2'
    • Check Display Object Value
    • Go into Define Object Dimensions and 3D Control
      • Change the color of each new object.
  • Use the Start Process tool to create 'Start'
    • Go into Define Object Creation Rules
      • Switch to Create Objects Based on Distribution
      • Now set the % for both objects
        • Part1 - 60
        • Part2 - 40
  • Now use the Generic Process tool and create six processes
    • 'Selection', 'P1', 'P2', 'Router', 'P3', and 'P4'
  • Lastly using the End Process tool create 'End'
  • Connect the model together using the Interprocess Connection tool
    • 'Start' to 'Selection'
    • Then split to 'P1' and 'P2'
    • Connect both to 'Router'
    • Split again to 'P3' and 'P4'
    • Lastly connect both to 'End'
  • Select 'Selection' and Customize
    • Change to Least Busy/Randomized Routing
      • Check Select the least busy process.
  • Select both 'P1' and 'P2'
    • Go into Process Timing Properties
      • Set a Min/Max for each new object
        • Part1 - 5/10 Seconds
        • Part2 - 8/12 Seconds
    • Now in Process Capacity and Buffer
      • Change the Queue/Buffer Capacity to 0
    • Customize and select Process Setup/Change Over
      • From New Object Setup select 'Part1'
      • Click Insert New Object Setup
      • Select New Object Definition
      • From When next object is of Type
        • Choose 'Part2'
      • Now select Part2 C/O(1)
      • In The process Setup Time is
        • Enter - 25,35
      • Then reselect Part2 C/O(1)
    • Perform these steps for 'Part2' under New Object Setup
      • Set next object is of Type to 'Part1'
      • Change Setup time to '25,35'
  • At 'Router’ Customize
    • Switch to Process/Object/Condition Routing
      • Set Default Routing to 'P3'
      • Set 'Part2' to 'P4'
  • Switch to the Simulation tab
    • Select Start
  • As the model runs pay attention to how long alternating objects take to pass through 'P1' and 'P2' and how long the same objects take to pass through.
  • To verify the routing view the Selected Item Analysis and select either 'P3' or 'P4' and scroll down to see the Process Progress table.
  • You can also use the Selected Item Analysis to view the Average Setup Time on 'P1' and 'P2'.



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