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Simcad Pro Training and Tutorials


Module Operating Room Facility P4

The final part of this tutorial will cover the building of the OR room module and polling throughout the model. Since each patient is predestined for a room that means that polling is crucial to have in the model. Also there is no polling leaving the OR rooms, this is due to the need to have OR rooms empty as often as possible to fit in as many operations as possible. At the end of each operation a Cleaning object will be created in the room to perform a turn around on the room.

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Module Operating Room Facility P3

Part Three of this tutorial will show off the benefit of the Auto Create feature in Simcad Pro® to quickly build all of the PrePost and OR rooms used to fill out the layout of the model. With the model layout complete it’s time to edit the modules that each room will be based on. For the PrePost module there will need to be a scenario set up for patients who come in before their operation (PreOp) and for those who come in after their operation (PostOp).

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Module Operating Room Facility P2

Part Two of the tutorial will focus on bringing patients into the model and getting the table recording started for each patient. Each patient will have their own entry into the ORStats table that records all of the patient start and end times for each step during their time in the model. These processes will handle how the patients are routed to each room whether it be to a Pre-Op room or straight to an OR room based on each patient’s data.

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Module Operating Room Facility P1

Part One of this tutorial will set up the model to work with the tables that need to be created to record all of the patient data as well as track room fulfillment during the model run. Create all of the Objects and object parameters used in the model and set up the Work Order from a data set to run the patient arrival.

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