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Building a Outpatient Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 1

Outpatient Model

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Monday, April 25, 2016/Categories: Outpatient Clnic Model

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Collecting additional data such as lead time per object can be captured through the Additional Data Collection tool.

  • Click Object and Containment and add 3 New Objects called Patient1, Patient2, and Patient3. Check the box that says Display Object Value.
  • Click Define Object Dimensions (3D) and change the colors of the different Objects. Close the dialog boxes.
  • Add a Start Process and call it Registration. Double click the Start Process (Registration) and click Define Object Creation Rules.
  • Click Create Objects Based on Distribution. Select Patient1 from the Object Type list. Change the percentage to “30”.
  • Select Patient2 and 3 from the Object Type list. Make the percentage for Patient2 “30”, and Patient3 “40”. Close dialog boxes.
  • Add a Generic Process and name it Waiting Room. Click the Process Capacity and Buffer and change the Queue/Buffer Capacity to “15” Objects and leave the Process Capacity at “1”.
  • Create another Generic Process and name it “ProcedureRoom1”. Edit the Process Timing Properties by adding Patients 1, 2, & 3 to the Object List.
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Link to Healthcare Outpatient Model(PDF)


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