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Building a Outpatient Simulation Model - Tutorial Part 2

Outpatient Model

Author: CreateASoft Inc./Monday, April 25, 2016/Categories: Outpatient Clnic Model

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  • Select the Results Process button from the Processes Toolbar and place a Results Process underneath Waiting Room. Click Add Parameter.
  • Add in the information shown on the table below:
  • Change the text background colors so when the value is a certain number, the text background color will change. Fill out the information as shown.
  • Run the simulation. Notice how the background color changes when the number of patients gets to a certain value.
  • Open the Recovery Area Process Timing Properties. Fill out the table based on the information as shown.
  • Speed up the simulation. Pull up the Model Information tab and view the results. Stop the simulation.
  • Under the Model Build tab, click on Resources and Shifts.
  • Add a Resource and name it Doctor. Change the Available Number to 2.
  • Add another Resource and name it Transport with an Available Number of 2. Click Add. Make sure Transport is selected and check the box Add Transition Behavior. Change the Speed to 1.5 units/sec. Accept the changes.
  • Select Procedure Rooms 1, 2, & 3 and open their properties. Open the customization tab and select Resource Constraints. Change the Required Number of Doctors to 2. Make sure the box at the bottom that says Apply Resources To All Selected is checked. Accept the changes.


Link to Healthcare Outpatient Model(PDF)


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