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Defining Resource Transition Simulation

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Friday, May 23, 2014/Categories: Resources

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  • Open the “Object Definition and Containment" interface. Add a new object called Part1. The object part1 will be displayed in the default image "Blue Box" of Simcad Pro.
  • Open the "Resources Definition and Shifts" interface.
  • In the name field, type "Resource1". In the Available number field enter 1 then click "Add". This will create the definition of 1 resource of type Resource1.
  • Select Resource1 from the list, and then enable transition behavior by checking the “Add Transition behavior”. Set the speed to 2 ft/Sec. This will be the speed of the resource when it is not carrying a part.
  • Close the interface.
  • Create a start process that creates objects of type part1.
  • Create a generic process, and set its default timing to 5.
  • Create an End process.
  • Create a connection from Start to process1, in the connection properties, enable the "Connection Line Resource Requirement" interface and open it. Set 1 for the required number of resource1.
  • Create a connection from Process1 to End. Assign the resource1 to the connection, like you did from Start to process1. Resource1 is now shared between 2 connectors.
  • Move the lower pane to display dynamic analysis, and enable dynamic refresh.
  • Run the simulation, the resource moves with the part along the connection line between the processes. The resource also moves between processes when it is not carrying a part.

Link to Defining Resource Transition (PDF)



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