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Conveyor Merge Based On Timer And Capacity

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: Simcad Pro 12 - New Features Training

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This model will show you how to set up global model variables and events to control the release of objects, this can be used with both connection lines and processes, this model will show the use with connection lines. By setting up an event to trigger when a certain connection line capacity reaches a certain point it will trigger a release of objects from that line, stopping all other lines from releasing objects. This can be used to control backups in certain areas of the model, for instance making sure that a specific assemble line doesn’t become overloaded, backing up the rest of the model.

The concepts in the model include:

  • Using global variables and events
  • Using variables to control model behavior
  • Triggering events based on specific details (Line2 line capacity)
  • How to stop certain connection lines from backing up, stopping production



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