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Process Setup Times and Change Overs

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: Simcad Pro 12 - New Features Training

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This tutorial video will go over how to set Setup times for different parts entering a process, the best way to set this up is with different objects. Setup times can account for many things and is separate from loading and unloading, for instance changing drill bits for a different product at the same machine. This model reflects a manufacturing situation in which many different parts are allowed to go to any machine process and then will be switched to only go to a specific machine process. This will have an impact on production times and rate per day/hour/minute as the sequence of parts being fed into the machines will play an important role.

The concepts of the model include:

  • Manufacturing model showcasing process setup times and change overs
  • Setup times based on objects
  • Routing options to maximize production when using setup times



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