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5- Tank Formula - Tutorial Part 4

This is the final setup for the model, mostly covering Results Processes and the possibility to track custom variables that were set up specific in the model. These updates correspond to the changes made in the database, which again is possible to watch in real-time as well.

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4-Tank Formula - Tutorial Part 3

This is where the “OrderRequest” objects will be created, these will pull specific formulas from the tanks until they fulfill the volume required. This again will heavily rely on the use of the database; finding each tank with the correct formula inside them to fill the order, or to find that no tanks have the formula required and the remaining order will be sent to an “UnfilledOrder” End Process. 

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3-Tank Formula - Tutorial Part 2

In P2 we will go over more database interface actions with the tanks themselves. Also the use of temporary variables will be used to act as a middleman between the model and the database. After that you will create a custom Work Order and run the model, it’s important that all of the temporary variables are updating correctly, 

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2-Tank Formula - Tutorial Part 1

This video will create the layout of the tanks with a router to fill each tank with only one type of formula. We will also set up and use an internal database to keep track of the tank conditions (volume, formula). This database will be used throughout the entire model, for both looking up values and updating values. After the tanks are filled each Object that was used to fill a tank will be sent to a specific End Process to be tracked separately.

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1-Tank Formula

The Tank Formula Tutorials will show you how to set up a line of tanks that will be filled with specific formulas, each tank will only be filled with one type of formula. This will be done using a Database, by using an internal database we can save information such as volumes and formulas for each tank. This will assist in both filling and pulling from the tanks. Orders will be created that require a volume of a specific formula, using the database the model will find the correct tank for each order, whether that tank has enough to fill the order or not, then find other tanks that hold the same formula. This model heavily relies on the database, because there is no set formula for a specific tank, meaning that the model displays dynamic results, the best and easiest way to track these changes are with a database.

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