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4-Tank Formula - Tutorial Part 3

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Wednesday, January 6, 2016/Categories: Tank Schedule Optimization - Formula and CIP/Cleaning

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This is where the “OrderRequest” objects will be created, these will pull specific formulas from the tanks until they fulfill the volume required. This again will heavily rely on the use of the database; finding each tank with the correct formula inside them to fill the order, or to find that no tanks have the formula required and the remaining order will be sent to an “UnfilledOrder” End Process. Because there is a chance that a tank will not fully fill an order, it is required that we set up a way for the order to go to a different tank with the same formula and pull from there. This shows the importance of a database in models with lots of dynamic possibility, since we are not using a static formula in each tank, the database is the best way to keep track of these changes and allow at any time an object to perform a look up for a specific value within the database. 



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