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Palletizing Module based on Weight/Dimensions

This is a module for the palletization of items for use with replenishing warehouses, using imported item information the model will build either full or mixed pallets depending on the requests to ship to different destinations. Used in conjunction with the slotting and warehouse rack modules to determine warehouse replenishment based on picking patterns.

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Simcad Tugger and Cart Model

This is a module for using the Tugger and Cart features to transport objects to and from locations at greater speeds and capacities. A Tugger will run around from location to location picking up and dropping off Carts, this can be done randomly or done based on the destination of the Tugger/Cart.

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Picking and Replenishment Module

This is a module for warehouse picking and replenishment, running the inventory and slotting from the rack slotting module this model can simulate the picking sequence of items in the warehouse setting. After the initial inventory has been sent out to the proper locations and the RackQuantities table has been populated with the current inventory, the model creates pick requests for certain items. These items are collected on an event trigger basis, which can be changed to meet any conditions.

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Rack Slotting Module based on static/dynamic conditions

This is a module for warehouse slotting of items, this model uses the item and rack location information to optimize the slotting sequence of all necessary items. Based on dynamic conditions the model will find the highest priority rack location for all items. Whether the locations are static dimensions or if a more dynamic rack slotting is desired the model can handle both brand new slotting as well as re-slotting for inventory quantity adjustments. At the end of the model run a Summary Report is produced to list all items that were slotted and the sequence in which to slot them properly to optimize the item slotting.

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