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Rack Slotting Module based on static/dynamic conditions

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Thursday, May 4, 2017/Categories: Warehousing and Logistics Modules

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Warehouse Rack Slotting Module

This is a module for warehouse slotting of items, this model uses the item and rack location information to optimize the slotting sequence of all necessary items. Based on dynamic conditions the model will find the highest priority rack location for all items. Whether the locations are static dimensions or if a more dynamic rack slotting is desired the model can handle both brand new slotting as well as re-slotting for inventory quantity adjustments. At the end of the model run a Summary Report is produced to list all items that were slotted and the sequence in which to slot them properly to optimize the item slotting.

Conditions in the model can be adjusted to meet many different types of requirements. This model not only sorts the slotting requests by the item picking velocity but also keeps all brands together in the same rack bays.

There are several tables which require existing data detailing both the item and rack location information. This includes information about the containers that will be used to store each item, information specifically about the items, details about the locations shelving priority and dimensions of each location.

Other Tables in the model are built during the simulation run, these tables are populated with only slotting information for each item. The SKURequirement table holds all information about what is being requested to be slotted and the LocationToItemFit table holds all of the information about all of the items that have been successfully slotted.

Download Module and Sample Data

Warehouse Rack Slotting - Static Locations

Warehouse Rack Slotting - Dynamic Locations


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