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Simcad Tugger and Cart Model

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Author: CreateASoft Inc./Tuesday, September 26, 2017/Categories: Warehousing and Logistics Modules

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Simcad Tugger and Cart Model

This is a module for using the Tugger and Cart features to transport objects to and from locations at greater speeds and capacities. A Tugger will run around from location to location picking up and dropping off Carts, this can be done randomly or done based on the destination of the Tugger/Cart.

In this particular example the destination will be chosen randomly, this simulates a constant need for parts at multiple locations running with one Tugger and five Carts. Parts will be loaded onto each Cart and then route to a depot where the loaded Carts will be picked up by the Tugger, then dropped off at one of the three locations where the Cart will then be taken and unloaded. The next time the Tugger comes to the destination with a loaded Cart it will then pick up an empty Cart to be taken back to the depot to be loaded once again.

The example model will loop endlessly until stopped manually. The Carrier Requirement and Router settings are what control the use of the Tugger/Carts and can be viewed in the write up included in the download.

Download Module and Tutorial Instructions(pdf)


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