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New Simcad Module Bring Ease and Flexibility to Business

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NAPERVILLE, IL, July 2005 — CreateASoft, Inc.has announced a new tool that advances its core business simulation software – Simcad™ – to the forefront of process planning and capacity management. The Forecasting & Solutions Finder module enables users to cut cost and increase productivity using conventional data to create real-time simulation scenarios.


"Simcad now offers quality and productivity managers better ways of doing business using inputs they already have on hand, -- Hosni Adra, Product Manager for CreateASoft.



The Forecasting & Solutions Finder compares work-in-progress to anticipated workload and presents powerful reports to optimize efficiency. Not only will users know exactly what can be modified to improve their current environment, they will be able to actively plan for issues and changes.



The new module combines an optimizer, a routing importer and a data analysis package to find the best mix of process and products for any repeated or complex business function. Forecasting is easy using the straightforward Simcad interface from a desktop PC:


1 - Load current work-in-progress (WIP) information from a database or spreadsheet
2 - Enter incoming orders or a workflow scenario
3 - Run the module’s Optimizer to find the best possible customized model


CreateASoft is continuously improving the way our products meet the unique needs of our customers, -- Josh Keller, Applications Specialist for CreateASoft.



The Forecasting & Solutions Finder further adds to Simcad’s value to users – from project engineers, to plant managers, to back-office business managers.


About Simcad Pro™ Simulation Software
Simcad has helped process-oriented users maximize productivity and control costs across every industry. Created by efficiency engineering experts, Simcad creates a small but powerful replica of a business that behaves like a real world model.


Using a Simcad virtual model to experiment with different solutions reduces the risk associated with decisions to upgrade equipment or alter operations. Simulated intervention on Simcad also eliminates the need to disturb production or invest in unnecessary technology.



Combining advanced data analysis, virtual modeling and the best in simulation technology, Simcad delivers results on par with name-brand vendor packages for an appreciably better value. And while traditional process simulation software focuses on the plant floor, Simcad can be scaled to improve efficiency in every part of the enterprise. An open architecture and intuitive user interface make Simcad the ideal process re-engineering and optimization tool for the finance department, customer call centers, or any other business unit comprised of complex, recurring processes and outputs.


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