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Patent Awarded for Simcad Pro v9.0 Dynamic Simulator

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Industry leader CreateASoft, Inc., established in 1992, has been awarded a patent for the Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator by The United States Patent and Trademark Office. Changing the game, Simcad Pro provides an extensive dynamic modeling environment enabling an interactive process optimization experience Dynamic, interactive simulation allows users to make "on-the-fly" design changes, immediately impacting the operation’s performance and efficiency. Thanks to the patented technology, and a fully functional Graphical User Interface (GUI), CreateASoft Inc. has achieved what many claim; no more coding, no more compiling.
The nature of a dynamic simulator delivers instant 2D and 3D animation of the operation as well as instant feedback on key performance indicators as the simulation progresses. While the user runs the simulation, problem areas can be observed and modified instantly. This feature provides unprecedented foresight detailing how the proposed changes impact the "point of attack," as well as the operation as a whole. Such an advance in technology drastically reduces the time required to develop and optimize the model. Users working with Simcad Pro's dynamic environment have reported reductions in modeling times from weeks to days for simple to moderate projects and from months to weeks for projects of complexity.
Not only is Simcad Pro powerful, it is also accessible. While other simulation software available in today's market rely on extensive coding to achieve the same results, Simcad Pro ’s user friendly interface allows users of any technical ability, from salespeople to IT professionals, to unlock the full potential of the predictive simulation.
CreateASoft, Inc., the creators of Simcad Pro, works with process based industries to provide proactive management tools, advanced decision support and consulting, utilizing the advanced predictive technology found in the Simcad family of products.

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