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Simcad Pro 7.1 Dynamic Simulator

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Naperville, Illinois, September 2005 — CreateASoft announces dramatic changes to the simulation industry with the release of Simcad Pro 7.1, slated for November 2005. Dramatic changes to the industry will result from the introduction of never before seen functionality including: Dynamic Value Network Mapping, Dynamic Value Stream Mapping, Dynamic Routing, and the incorporation of Radio Frequency Identification.


Simcad Pro 7.1 is the only simulation tool that will monitor your RFID technology and allow you to forecast the in-process objects and scheduled orders.


Scheduling conflicts are greatly reduced because you now have a detailed virtual representation of your operation. You will now have a virtual camera, allowing you to monitor your operation with a level of certainty never before experienced
-- Hosni Adra, Product Manager with CreateASoft, Inc.
Contract manufacturers, i.e. job-shops, have not had the opportunity to realize the full benefits of simulation in the past. Job-shops operate at high mix/low volume operation mode which requires constant scheduling and monitoring. This vast product mix now, for the first time ever, can be tracked and forecasted through simulation with Simcad Pro 7.1. The ability to track multiple products is supported through the introduction of Value Network Mapping. VNM allows for multiple value streams to be monitored and tracked throughout the process. Not only does Simcad Pro support this high Mix/Low Volume type implementation, Simcad Pro also will load routing tables dynamically from Excel, ERP/MRP, or any Windows based database as the simulation runs.


Dynamic Value Stream Mapping is the 21st century value stream mapping concept. Problems associated with value stream maps in the past, including current value stream mapping tools, are eliminated through DVSM. DVSM will dynamically update through time allowing the user to visualize changes on the value stream and the effect those changes have upstream and downstream from that change. Simcad Pro 7.1 is also able to load existing value stream maps from other tools including Microsoft Visio. Never before have these features been seen as an option with simulation. Simcad Pro provides the required tools to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure sustainability in an ever demanding world market.


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