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Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulation Software v9.3

Naperville, Illinois - September 23, 2009
With the release of Simcad Pro Version 9.3 users gain access to a variety of new reports and several improved features allowing for unparalleled simulation model creation, analysis, and dynamic optimization - NO coding required!

"CreateASoft is dedicated to maintaining our rank as the industry leader in dynamic simulation. We are constantly evaluating user requirements and continue to use client/user feedback as a basis for each and every Simcad Pro upgrade release", says Justin Sandquist (Sales Manager). "If one client sees value in a certain set of features, it is likely that users across the board have a need for that functionality."


Simcad Pro 9.3 enhances the existing feature base to include:
  • Automatic Icon Grab Feature - Quickly place processes and connections onto the Simcad canvas without revisiting the process icon toolbar.
  • RFID/Virtual Camera - Use this 'real time' feature for a virtual camera view of your operation as it plays out via Simcad's dynamic RFID connectivity in 2D and 3D.
  • Detailed Simulation Analysis Report - Using this new report, the detailed analysis data can be graphed or displayed in a spreadsheet format.
  • Scenario Analysis - In addition to the standard Scenario Analysis features, users can now graph trends among scenarios.
  • Additional Functions added to support 3D - dynamically change 3D images of objects during the simulation run.
  • Q Sorting - sort the queue based on values, ascending/descending, events, conduct weekly sorts etc.
  • Groups - Group multiple processes together on the same layer and control object entry/exit based on the grouped process constraints. This feature simplifies the implementations of intersections, patient rooms, and other control areas where the use of departments/cells is not feasible.




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