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Job Shop Lean Conference

Naperville, Illinois, 2006 November 7th — CreateASoft, Inc. and The Ohio State University announce their partnership to deliver an innovative methodology of implementing lean, with a tried, tested, and true IT enabled toolset for the “high mix” environment of Job Shop and Healthcare industry.
Our partnership leverages the competitive advantages of CreateASoft and The Ohio State University by combining the process analysis and value stream analysis toolset contained in Simcad Pro and the product family analysis of PFAST to provide a complete lean solution for the high mix environment of the job shop and the healthcare industry. 
-- Hosni Adra, product manager at CreateASoft
This solution allows for organizations to identify process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, resource contentions, scheduling problems, etc… and develop feasible, quantified, optimized, and prioritized improvement initiatives from job shop lean perspective. The integrated toolset provides organizations with a fully documented lean journey from current state to future state with all steps and improvements fully documented. Continuous improvement is at the heart of the partnership and is carried over into the product toolset of Simcad Pro and PFAST. The toolset can also be used as a daily operational enabler to proactively plan and manage the operation by connecting to live real time shop floor data (ERP/MRP systems or passive and active RFID tags) for unprecedented visualization. The toolset even provides a Gantt chart schedule for production and labor resources.
Job Shop Lean provides innovative tools and methodology focused on improving all aspects of the operation from; product family analysis, facility layout/design, process engineering, optimization of labor resources, job shop scheduling, and optimization of physical capital, to improving the administrative processes.
CreateASoft, Inc. hosted the JOBSHOP LEAN 2006 CONFERENCE in Naperville, IL

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