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Simcad Pro Patented Dynamic Simulator v10.4

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NEW Product Launch: Simcad Pro® Dynamic Simulation Software Version 10.4
CreateASoft, Inc. Naperville, Illinois - April, 2013

Empowering over 3600 worldwide clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantage; CreateASoft, Inc. celebrates more than 20 years of delivering leading edge, scalable business intelligence developed and supported in the United States.

CreateASoft, Inc. is one of North America most innovative process improvement teams, offering a patented dynamic solution and leading edge predictive technology, to a variety of process based operations who are dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness. With their recent release of Simcad Pro® Version 10.4, users have access to several new and improved features, further improving ease-of-use and reducing time required to create, analyze, & optimize models.

What is NEW in Simcad Pro® Dynamic simulator 10.4?

Simcad Pro v10.4 enhances the existing feature base to include:

  • Streamlined Process Interface
    • Display Properties added to process settings for object, resource and carrier offset.
    • Display Properties consolidated and streamlined for connection line settings.
      • Resource and object rotation can now be set independent of each other.
  • Enhanced memory management enabling reduced memory footprint of up to 80%.
  • New internal module capability to simplify model modification including process and connection line behavior.
  • New Results Process functionality to include Database interface calls.
  • Ability to define process timing and routing definition based on parameters. Enabled for object based routing and Randomized selection based routing.
  • Model tree now allows for selecting processes and connection lines to enable visual updates.
  • Enhanced support for intersection control and collision detection.
  • New Support for SimData import/export with curve fitting and automatic model creation.
  • New High Mix manufacturing template with unlimited sub-assemblies
  • New Warehouse template for quick rack definition


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