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2nd Patent Award for Simcad Pro Dynamic Simulator

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Naperville, Illinois - 10/29/2009
CHICAGO, IL- Wednesday October 29th 2009 -- CREATEASOFT, INC - Second patent awarded for new innovations in Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator.

USA developed and supported, CreateASoft Inc.'s Simcad Pro Dynamic Process Simulator continues to maintain the top spot on the process simulation leader board receiving a second patent for its unparalleled dynamic ability.
Armed with dynamic real-time connectivity and no code functionality, Simcad Pro is a robust tool that allows for an interactive process modeling, analysis, and optimization experience that is unrivaled.
"Simulation has traditionally played a role in offline support, analysis, and design. With Simcad Pro's patented dynamic capabilities we've expanded that capability and opened an entirely new area for dynamic simulation, delivering value-added, real-time visibility and predictive analysis. This is an exciting development for CreateASoft and provides our clients with unprecedented competitive advantage."
- Justin Sandquist/Sales Manager
It is this specific attribute that has allowed Simcad Pro to evolve into more than just a process simulation tool. Simcad users not only benefit by modeling their processes without the need for code, but are now able to take simulation modeling to the next level. The desired environment can be created and validated with ease, and as a result of Simcad's dynamic nature, users exceed standard simulation practice by employing the software's ability to interface with external tools such as; RFID/bar code, ERP, MRP technology and more... rendering Simcad Pro a next generation, proactive management tool used to gain real time visibility of operational flow at multiple sites.
The patented technology lends itself a wide variety of industrial applications including, Healthcare, MFG, Service/Office/Financial, Supply Chain Logistics, Automation, etc... resulting in a diverse user base who gain distinct competitive advantage vis dynamically generated value stream and value network maps, onscreen key performance indicators, automatically generated reports, lean analysis, and optimization tools.
Empowering over 2600 worldwide clients, CreateASoft Inc.'s patented solution delivers an integrated toolset driving the improvement process from data collection to current state mapping, all the way to an interactive 2D or 3D future state model. All, while providing the necessary analysis and reporting tools needed to support continuous operational improvements.

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